Put On Purple Day! Join the LFA and lupus patients across the country to raise lupus awareness today!

 Do you have your purple on today? 

Today marks another opportunity to raise your voices (and your apparel) in an effort to spread lupus awareness. LFA has declared this Put on Purple Day, and you can read about it here. As you wear your purple proudly today, take a moment to educate someone about just one aspect of this disease. Lupus wreaks havoc on the body and leaves no body part untouched, so you have plenty to choose from! 

Over the years, we've tried to do our part to raise lupus awareness and support the Lupus Foundation of America. From launching purple print pillbags, wearing purple apparel to LFA events, and jumping for joy when we find a pile of perfectly plastic purple pumpkins(!), we treat every new day as a chance to educate people about this illness!



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