Lupus and Diet - let what works for you work for you.

Over the years,  I've tried adjusting my diet here and there, all in an effort to curtail my lupus symptoms. I think most of us are willing to experiment a little for the sake of our health! 

I haven't discovered anything groundbreaking. But, at various times,  cutting out dairy, meat, processed foods, and nightshade vegetables has made a noticeable difference. I'm not super strict about the above, but if there are natural inflammatory foods that I can easily and regularly avoid, why not? 

Which brings me to my latest discovery - sugar. I know,  I know - nothing new here, right?  But for me, as someone who enjoys baking and sweets (a lot), and has been able to stay fit and healthy,  despite those baked goods, this is a new thing. 

I have experimented with cutting out dessert in the past, and just haven't noticed a difference. Friends would talk about increased energy,  lack of fatigue, weight loss, or how they just felt better without sugar, but I never experienced those results.  I just felt like I was sacrificing.  

Until now. 

I recently cut out dessert for several weeks,  but also cut out sugar from my tea, candied nuts, chocolate chips from my pancakes, and a few other culprits that were sneaking into my diet. Even after 5 days, wow! There was a noticeable difference physically. I have muscle definition where it wasn't before, and my daily workouts are much more effective. The results are visible, which is so motivating. I can tell that inflammation has clearly been reduced, in places where I didn't even know it was lurking! 

Still no boost of energy, and no reduction of fatigue, but I am thoroughly enjoying my personal results. And that's the important point here - what works for me works for me. 

In the past, I was so set on replicating others' experiences,  and seeing the same results. When I didn't,  I thought it was a lost cause. But that's where keen self-awareness comes in, particularly with a disease like lupus. 

What works for some might not work for you. That's okay. Keep trying. Keep tracking.  Once you find what does,  make a note, and stick to it.  

Whether it's a nap, yoga, exercise, diet, acupuncture, meditation, or traditional medication, for example - if you find a program that reduces your symptoms and improves your health (and it's doctor-approved), don't be deterred.  Keep at it. Remind yourself that you were clever enough to figure out something that works in the first place, and determined enough to make it stick! 

I recently fell off the sugar wagon, just for a day or two, and I noticed a difference.  Now I'm like, "Why do that when I know what works?"  

Looking for other ideas on nutrition and lupus? You can read other posts here and here. The latter is one I really stick to! 

Here's to a great weekend,  healthy choices for all! 


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