Something to Celebrate! 🇺🇸 Lupus Medication Tapers! Cellcept and Prednisone!

Medication Milestones are always worth celebrating! 

This Fourth of July weekend, I'm remembering to celebrate in several ways. Not only have I been able to reduce my CellCept to 1 gram a day, but I am also completely off prednisone. Woohoo!!!

The complete lack of steroids in my life is truly something to celebrate, as I was on prednisone for almost 18 years! Thankfully, the last few years have seen me at 2.5 mg every other day, which is a minor maintenance dose.  But that's down from a whopping 60 mg a day when my flares were in full effect. Yikes!

My doctor has helped me taper off that little white pill safely and successfully. But I am also proud of the work I've done outside of the doctor's office to make that possible.  The naps, the low stress, the "Just Saying No"  - it all helps to keep that disease activity at bay.  Click here to read about my trials with prednisone over the years. It wasn't an overnight taper, I can promise you!

Even though at 2.5 mg, it was just half of a tiny little pill, one less pill in my pillfold each morning makes me smile. And don't even get me started on the painstaking process of pill splitting!

So as you celebrate this weekend, don't forget to celebrate your mini milestones, no matter how small they might seem. The baby steps will remind you that you are making progress, that your hard work is paying off, and that life really can improve, despite lupus. 

Happy 4th,  and Happy You! 


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