Day 4: Healthy Deed o' the day - Skip cleaning. Rest instead. Lupus fatigue, be gone!

Today was a test.

(Every day with lupus can seem like a test, eh?)

But today, in particular, was a "Let's see if you've learned anything about living well with lupus" kind of test. Gotta love those.

I was working from home, and around lunchtime, I found myself yawning. Not a big surprise, since for the last 14 years,  I've taken a nap nearly every afternoon at that time. My body has come to expect it, and physically and mentally, I need it to stave off symptom activity. (*See below for details.)

So when the yawn came, I thought,  "Yup, time for bed." I checked my watch, and going up to bed right then meant I'd have just enough time to fit in my full nap before my daughters came home from school. Perfect timing.

But I also looked at the countertop that I was literally in the middle of clearing. Couldn't I just finish the job? And while I'm at it, couldn't I pack up the pillbag order waiting at the end of the counter? And really, shouldn't I put away the inventory notes I'd been working on a few minutes earlier?"

I wanted to say yes. Oh, how I longed to say yes.

But I stopped myself. I thought about those tasks, and tallied up the time it would really take to do them. If I chose to "wipe the counter", I was definitely in for another 20 minutes, because I've never just "wiped a counter."  And 20 minutes of last-minute tasking always morphs into 30. So before long, I'd be in a napping deficit, and does anyone benefit from a napping deficit? 

I don't think so.

In fact, after almost 17 years with lupus,  I know so.

They don't.

So I ignored the countertop, told myself the pillbag order could wait, and by-passed the papers. I went straight up to bed, and went right to sleep. A victory if ever there was one!!

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*Napping has been the most effective way for me to combat lupus fatigue. By resting daily, usually between 1 and 3pm, I preempt symptom flare-up by not letting myself get overtired.

I also avoid that dreaded feeling of running out of gas - which makes me feel vulnerable, helpless, and humiliated. I try to prevent my day from turning ugly, and lupus fatigue is almost always ugly. 

Taking a daily nap is often inconvenient, intrusive, and challenging, but it has been an absolute lifesaver.  So I'm sticking with it!


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