Super lupus interview on a super website, with a super shout out for the Pillfold! Thank you, Wholesome LLC!

Image result for wholesome llcLoved reading this blog post from Alison at Wholesome LLC about her twin sister, best pal, and lupus warrior, Lauren. The interview is inspiring right from the start - and it's clear that Lauren has learned a thing or two about living well, despite lupus. Check the whole interview out here - and be sure to browse Alison's site. It looks delicious and nutritious!

Thanks, too, for the Pillfold shout out within the article. I can totally relate to the overwhelming feeling the medication regimen of lupus brought after diagnosis (hence the reason the Pillfold exists!) As Lauren says,

"A few months into my new medication routine, I remember sitting at the table with my mom with all of my medication in front of me. I sat there confused, trying to categorize all of my medication in my pillfold (p.s. I couldn't live without it). It wasn’t until I looked up and caught my mom’s eyes starting to fill with tears that I knew what she was thinking. At that point we both knew this was now my life. Filling pills, taking pills, refilling pills and on, and on, and on. 

The medication regime was the first thing that needed to happen in order to prevent the lupus spreading to my organs. Aside from that, my doctor encouraged me to walk even if it was for a few minutes."

She goes on to describe how it was up to her alone to figure out if changes to her diet and lifestyle could better the management of her lupus. Through trial and error, and a big dose of self-awareness, it sounds like, today, she's in a great place with her disease. Be sure to read the entire interview here, and thanks again, Alison and Lauren! 


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