Napping is good. What else is there to say?

News Flash: An afternoon nap is good for you!!!

Love this latest research, plugging the benefits of getting a little shut eye after lunch. You know I've been a longtime proponent of the midday nap, so hearing the following is music to my ears:

Researchers found a short sleep in the afternoon improves people’s thinking and memory skills and makes the brain perform as if it were five years younger.

Think it makes us look five years younger, too??

Here's the link to the whole article, but I've posted a few snippets below. And you can read about the success I've had managing my lupus via my nap here and here.


Scientists found people who took a nap after lunch did better on the tests than those who did not sleep in the middle of the day. In total, 60 per cent of people in the study slept after lunch, with the average nap time being 63 minutes.

[Tests included] recall tasks and some maths problems, as well as being asked to copy drawings of shapes.

[Scientists concluded]: “The results support the hypothesis that a moderate-duration nap taken during the post-lunch dip is associated with better overall cognition."


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