The Bargain Bin of Pillfolds - Now available on Ebay! #pillorganizer #iloveoutletshopping

Here at Sara Gorman's Pillbags, we pride ourselves on superior quality and construction. But every few shipments, a pillbag arrives from our manufacturer that's not quite up to snuff. We pull it from our inventory, and mark it as slightly flawed.  It could be a pillfold pouch that's sewn smaller than we'd prefer, or a magnetic closure that doesn't "snap". Whatever the case, the minor defect doesn't keep the pillbag from doing what it does best - organizing and toting your pills in style! 

Thus, we've decided to start selling those flawed pillbags on Ebay, for a significant discount. The flawed pillbags are sold New With Tags (Ebay lingo!), come in our signature packaging, are shipped directly from SGP, and all flaws are listed in the Ebay description. 

Looking for a bargain? Want a back-up pillbag? Need to take a third (or fourth) dose of medication during the day? Or maybe your medication regimen requires a minimal amount of pills - and the size of the pillfold pouch isn't an issue. For whatever reason, take a moment and check out our new Ebay listings by clicking here or here. 

And let me know what you think. I always appreciate your feedback!


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