Prescription Drug Savings: Check out these websites

A few months ago, I posted about the scarcity of Plaquenil, causing a price hike in our beloved lupus staple drug. I've had great feedback from many of you sharing your experiences - know that we are all learning from your comments.

In fact, several of you found such valuable information online about ways to save money on our prescriptions, I thought I'd pass along. (Thanks in advance to those of you who forwarded the information to me!)

According to the LFA's KNOW LUPUS game I mentioned in an earlier post, lupus patients take an average of 8 prescription medications to manage their disease. I believe it - I've been on that many, plus, plus, plus, and the costs of the prescriptions have always been a consideration.

So here are the cost-saving tips, some of which I hope will help save you a few bucks:

1) This prescription savings site is great! You put in the name of the prescription you want to fill, specify your location, and a list of pharmacies and their most competitive pricing come up in the form of a coupon. The coupons offered range in value, but you simply print out the coupon, or download it on your mobile phone, and take it to your pharmacist. I even think they price match! I used it for a new prescription I just filled, and while I only saved $3, it was still worth it. I literally searched for it on my phone while I was checking out at the register, and was able to redeem it right then!

Here's a great video explaining how GOODRx works. I'm also going to see if it works for Darwin's Anti-Inflammatory, and Bernadette's EpiPen. I can't make any promises, but it's worth a shot!

2) Pharmacy's Secret Savings: Two separate readers wrote in about this, and I've personally experienced it myself, so I'm going to mention it. But again, no guarantees here! Apparently, many pharmacies receive singular coupons or extra savings from various drug companies to offset the cost of medications. I remember filling Bernadette's Epi-Pen Jr. for the first time, and having a discount card from the prescribing doctor that saved $100. (It was still almost $200!) But the pharmacy had the same card when I went to fill it, so it never hurts to ask if there's any sort of discount card or coupon that could be applied to reduce the cost. Just be sure to thank your pharmacist either way. I used to bring my pharmacist cookies, which seem to make for very speedy refills. :) 

3) The LFA suggested this site, where you can take advantage of Needy Meds' drug discount card. In fact, if you google "drug discount card", a slew of options come up. If you can give it 20 minutes, I bet you'll be able to find some savings. The LFA also suggested checking their website for updates on the plaquenil issue. Since their press release was the reason I posted about the price hike to begin with, they are most definitely aware of the problem, and are investigating the causes.

In the meantime, hang in there, plaquenil users. Normalcy is bound to return soon! 


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