It's a Patent Party!! Take 14% off your next Pillbag purchase.

Woohoo! Two of my patents have been approved! The designs of both the Pillfold and the Pillpouch are now legally protected and cannot be copied without repercussion. Yippee!

In honor of the recently issued 14-year patents, I invite you to shop Sara Gorman's Pillbags between Monday, 1/21/13 through Sunday, 1/27/13, and enjoy a 14% discount. Just type in the word "PATENT" in the discount code during checkout.

So what does patent protection really mean?  I tend to think of it like I do plaquenil.  Taking plaquenil on a regular basis helps keep my disease activity at bay. It doesn't guarantee that I won't flare, but it certainly deters my symptoms from becoming active. With patent protection, there's no guarantee that no one will copy the design of my beloved pillbags, but ideally, it will deter them from trying. At least it should make those no-good forgery artists think twice! 

Enjoy the sale, and don't forget to add the discount code!


Sean said…
Congrats on your patent! I've been searching the internet far and wide for a product like yours. Work forces me to carry pills in my pocket, and so many pillboxes let my pills click and clack on the plastic like a tic-tac enthusiast.

I appreciate the beauty and creative design that you have implemented here, but am even more impressed by the utility. Any chance you'll come out with a mens version? A simple, sleek, genderless, utilitarian design? I'd buy two.

Keep up the good work.
Sara Gorman said…
Sean - Thanks so much for your comments! I'm so glad you can appreciate the intent of the pillbags - those plastic, clunky boxes are the worst! I have every intention of launching a men's version, but I'm still working on finding just the right materials for that version of the pillbag. I will keep you posted - and I'll look forward to your order when I do. Thanks again - and know that your comments help me to keep moving forward on it!

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