Magic Wand for Sale - another children's book about Lupus. Hooray!

Last February in Oviedo, Spain, Sweety London Books and Lupus Association in Asturias (note their website is in Spanish) introduced to the press and public the special edition (sponsored by Cajastur Bank) of "Magic Wand for Sale", a children's story about Lupus. Copies of this edition have already been distributed for free in all schools, libraries, and hospitals in Asturias. Here's a synopsis of the story - and the book is available on and on SweetyLondon's website. I haven't had a chance to get a copy yet, but let me know if you do!

Paula spends her afternoons reading the newspaper to her mother, who suffers from Lupus. One day, she finds an ad that says “Magic wand for sale”, and rushes to buy it. When she arrives at the address, she finds a Chinese restaurant. There, an old lady gives her a pair of magic chopsticks and tells her that they will grant her two, and only two, wishes. However, she warns the girl that before making her wishes she will have to master the use of the chopsticks until she is able to catch a butterfly by the wings without hurting it. 


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