The Pillbag takes a field the Gala!

Last week, I had the chance to attend the Lupus Butterfly Gala in Washington D.C., put on by the Lupus Foundation of America. It was a spectacular evening. Here I am with my girlfriends - can you see my pillfold in the picture?

Probably not...because it's tucked away inside my tiny white handbag. That's how small and convenient pills can be, when a Pillbag's involved!

Interestingly, I ran across an article written by Christine Miserandino (the spoon theory lady) about a year ago, lamenting the fact that she couldn't find a way to stylishly carry her pills during an evening sentiments exactly! The article goes on to offer great advice for and the importance of keeping track of medication, regardless of whether it's stylish or not. Of course, that's the beauty of the Pillbags. You can adhere to your medication regimen, AND do it with a dose of style™!

So what pillbag did I choose to take with me that night? The Pillfold Cambridge™ seen below.

And no, I didn't intend to match my dress (I promise!), but every time I brought out my pillfold, people mistook it for my evening handbag. Guess what? That's the point!

I met a ton of great people, dedicated to making life with lupus a whole lot better. Big whigs and small whigs, doctors, policy makers, and patient-advocates, along with a few patients, just like me. It was a wonderfully inspiring evening. I hope to do it again!


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