Vitamin D: potentially stopping lupus in its tracks

I know I've blogged about Vitamin D before (here, here, and here), but I thought this latest article (brought to my attention by the Alliance for Lupus Research) from the NY Daily News is a good one. I especially like the following excerpt - a take on Vitamin D that I haven't heard before. (And if I have heard it, it didn't sink in!)

"The hope is the Vitamin D doses stop or slow down the part of the body that can overactivate the immune system and trigger lupus troubles, which include joint pain, fatigue or fever. Or, as Cynthia Aranow, a rheumatologist leading a Vitamin trial explains, "Are there ways of lowering what drives lupus?""

Enjoy the article, and the weekend. Looks like many of us, including Despite Lupus headquarters are going to feel the effects of an earthquake and a hurricane within days of one another. Stay safe!


Ruth said…
Really interesting information! I have often wondered if I was low in vit D as I am very sun sensitive with my lupus. My rhuematologist asked me if I took vit D supplements at my last appointment, but that was as far as it got. So I will follow this up with her next time.
Sara Gorman said…
Sounds promising, doesn't it? Glad you're going to revisit the issue - let's hope it makes a difference for you. Keep us posted!

Thanks for stopping by - SG
Hey sara,

Great post, I am a huge fan of vitamin D and am doing an endless amount of research into natural health, I have hypothyroidism and was diagnosed when I was 23, I've been having a tough time since but I feel like I'm healing every day since I started to learn about vitamins and minerals, I've heard sulfur being good for people with lupus, worth a test maybe?

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