Eureka! A triumvirate nap schedule

What's the most recent miracle to hit the Gorman household? The beloved concept of a trifecta of naps, that is, a heavenly 2-hour block of time when Deirdre, Bernadette and Mom are all sleeping at the same time. Wow! Is it fabulous or what, not to mention quiet!

When I was pregnant with Bernadette, I recall dreaming about this notion - the kids and I would synchronize our watches, crawl into our beds (or cribs or what have you), and close our eyes all at the same time. And now that we've done it several times, it really IS a dream come true. Not sure how long it will last - but we'll enjoy it while it does.

During that first year or two with Deirdre, many people asked how I'd managed to make our naps correspond. Had I changed my schedule around to match Deirdre's, or had I made her naps match mine? Truth is, it was probably a little bit of both. I remember Johnny's grandmother being so complimentary in saying that I'd done such a good job getting Deirdre to sleep when I needed to, but I wasn't so sure. I mean, I did move my nap a good hour or two earlier to match her naptime. But she was right to some degree - I was very strategic in my efforts to make the hours between 2 and 4pm a sacred time in our house every afternoon, regardless of what Deirdre had in store.

And now with Bernadette - I'm starting to turn on the strategic machine again. I've been feeding her right before we all go down for a nap, and it's worked like a charm! The most important aspect, of course, is that I'm making my nap a priority, too, not just the girls' naps. They're not the only two that need beauty rest!

So I'll continue to massage little Bernadette's schedule to work with our current routine, but if we need to move things around a bit to make things work with the three of us - so be it. I've never been one to shy away from a new and different way to fit in a nap!


Maria said…
Hey, sweetie - congratulations! That is no minor feat~ I have something on the way to you and it might make it before Christmas. Naturally, it was suppose to get it to you when Little Bernadette arrived. Alas, I am hostage to "Maria" time. Sending my best wishes and holiday greetings to all of you!
Sara Gorman said…
I am a firm believer in "Sara" time, myself. :) Thanks so much for your well wishes. Happy holidays to you and your family!

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