Relaxation technique: Despite Lupus style

So everyone has experienced some degree of pent-up frustration about living with lupus, right? (Most of us have pent up frustrations about living life, actually!) Years ago (it might have even been pre-lupus), I came up with a relaxation technique that really seems to work for me - it's the simplest, quickest release I've found for those everyday moanings and groanings related to lupus. It's officially called, in the Gorman household, at least, "Getting the Ick Out." And yes, Deirdre almost has it perfected.

Getting the Ick Out:

1) Invite a family member, close friend or confidant to join you in the exercise - Fido or Fluffy will do just fine, too. (Read complete instructions before selecting said partner, however!)

2) Lie down on the bed, a couch, or any flat comfortable surface, ideally one that is big enough for a little tossing and turning (for all parties.)

3) Get into a comfortable position, one that makes you feel safe and a bit child-like (I prefer the left-side fetal position)

4) Begin moaning, not like a drone, but more like a whine/sigh kind of thing. Breath deeply before each whine, so that you can really get some umph behind it.

5) Let yourself toss and turn a little bit, almost as if you're throwing your own little pity party, while continuing to let the whines come bellowing through. (Your partner in crime can do this at the same time, or you guys can take turns. Johnny and I find that once we both get going, the whines turn into giggles, and then we end up laughing out loud - which of course, is a great way to finish up the exercise.)

6) Allow the whines and sighs to come from deep within - expelling with each noise the frustration, anger and resentment you're feeling with lupus on that particular day. You can even envision the pain and swelling being emitted through those whines and cries. Remember - you're getting "ick" out - so that actually covers quite a bit of ground.

7) Once you've let a significant amount of "ick" out, stop groaning for a moment, think about what you're doing (lying on a bed whining and pining), and determine whether or not you're finished for the moment. If there's more "ick", continue on. If not, take a few "ick-free" breaths, get up slowly, brush yourself off (removing any "ick" residue), and continue on with your day. (Or take a nap, read a book, or embark upon any other task that is particularly enjoyable after "de-icking" yourself.)

Let me know how your "icking" sessions go. I would embark upon one right now, but blogging is actually a pretty darn, cathartic process in and of itself!


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