Where's DL going to be next?

What a great symposium on Saturday! Thanks to the Lupus Foundation of Greater Washington for putting on a spectacular event. So glad I was able to participate - and thanks to those who attended my interview break-out session. It was fun!

And thanks to those who purchased a copy of my book, Despite Lupus: How to Live Well with a Chronic Illness. Be sure to let me know what you think at sara@despitelupus.com. I welcome your feedback!

Where is Despite Lupus going to be next? Come check us out on Tuesday, May 26th at Food Matters, the great restaurant in Cameron Station in Alexandria, VA. Here's a link to last week's post in which I featured a review of the restaurant. Feel free to stop in for what's sure to be a delicious meal - and a proceeds of your purchase will go the Lupus Foundation GW group. Be sure to pick up a copy of Despite Lupus while you're there. Signed and dedicated, no less. Who could ask for more?

Here's where you can find me on the 26th:
Tuesday May 26
5:00pm – 10:00pm
Food Matters
Cameron Station
4906 Brenman Park Dr
Alexandria, VA 22304

Also mark your calendars for Wednesday the 27th - another opportunity to come out for some more Despite Lupus fun, this time at Arfully Chocolate/Kingsbury Confections located in Washington D.C. Here are the details - it's sure to be a sweet time. (You knew I was going to go there...)

Arfully Chocolate/Kingsbury Confections
Cocoa Bar Cafe and Gallery
Wednesday, May 27th
1529C 14TH Street NW
Washington, DC 20005

Join us for refreshments, music, a little lupus education, and an excerpt from my book. Look forward to seeing you there!


B-O-B said…
Great to see you on Saturday! Picked up a copy of your book from your sis (who by the way could be your twin).

Sara Gorman said…
We are twinkies, aren't we? Good seeing you - look forward to adding my John Hancock when I see you next. :)

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