2009 is Looking Good!

Wants some good news for '09? Here's mine:

1) My hair loss (caused by pregnancy) is tapering off, as there is no longer a sea of long, dark hair covering the tub floor when I shower. Yippee!

2) The third round of antibiotics has, I think, taken care of my infection (caused by breast feeding). The doctor has prescribed an additional round of a different medication to knock it out for good - so keep your fingers crossed.

3) Deirdre is cuter than she was last year.

4) I can fit into my pre-pregnancy pants.

5) Deirdre is sleeping through the night...for now.

6) Henry the Pug's diabetes is beginning to stabilize.

That last bit of good news (#6) is somewhat bittersweet, since Henry has recently gone blind due to his disease. Dealing with a blind dog is proving to be quite a challenge, so I'm just thankful that Johnny and I are able to tackle it together. Henry may be a candidate for eye surgery down the road, but for the time being, he's going to have to tough it out. He's a good guy - and means well - so we're trying our best to help him learn his way around. It requires more patience than I have some days - but we'll make it through. It's Henry we're talking about, after all.


Mary Lutz said…
This is a very nice blog! One of the blogs I created and maintain is for Mom's with disease and disability called Open Talk Mom. I've posted a link to your blog on the Interesting articles on Disease and Disability page. Here's the link if you're interested. God bless you! http://opentalkmom.com
Sara Gorman said…
Thanks for putting me on your blog! I'll definitely check out your site often - look forward to having you back!
Anonymous said…
We live with a blind aussie(Perx) who is either dull witted or very brave - not really sure. He does very well, though, despite being so young (4 yrs). Henry will do much less damage than Perx and has lots of history trusting you with his care...that does certainly help with the adjustments.

As for the other news - outstanding! Wishing you and your family a wonderful 2009!

Take care~
Sara Gorman said…
There are definitely adjustments to be made! Thankfully, we're finding that each day, Hendo is making progress..although making his way outside (in a timely fashion) is proving to be a bit of stumbling block. Any suggestions?
Anonymous said…
Hi Sara,
I have your book and it has helped me a lot. I just wanted to say thank you. Things are a lot clearer now. So thank you once again.


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