Month Two: The Big D

As far as husbands go, I've got one of the best. Really. He nursed me through my worst bouts with Lupus - dressing, feeding, and bathing me when I couldn't. He waited patiently as my body healed, and again while I worked to build it back up. He picked up the slack around the house while I put my feet up during pregnancy, and he jumps in to lend a hand with Deirdre all throughout the day. And then he goes and makes a music video like this one, catapulting himself into yet another league of his own.

Check out his handiwork below - the subject matter is pretty cute!


Marilyn said…
Your daughter is just beautiful! It looks like she was a much welcome addition to your family! I'm so glad that I didn't receive my diagnosis until after I was done having my children, although now I look back, all my complications could probably have been linked to the Lupus. Better for me that I didn't know it then. I also have a blog, it doesn't center around my Lupus but you are welcome to check it out. I'd love to help be a long distance support when you need one. I am in Idaho. Thanks again for your uplifting messages.
Caroline said…
So precious! You guys are so blessed to have such a beautiful loving family :)

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