Bun's first official film strip

Oh, the picture obsession has begun. Just take a look at Bun now - 4 lbs, 10 oz at 33 weeks.

We are now into weekly appointments, and have started Non Stress Test Fetal monitoring. My tummy gets strapped to a couple of monitors and then we listen to Bun's heart beat away for 20-45 minutes. The goal is to establish a baseline heart rate, and then for the baby to experience 2 separate rate increases each measuring at least 10 beats higher than the baseline. The first time I got all hooked up, Bun had the hiccups...so we had to wait for those to subside. (If you've never heard a baby in the womb with hiccups - it's something else!)

Weekly sonograms will continue through the end of the pregnancy, along with a couple more checks on the PR interval (checking for heart block.) The PR checks should end soon, but for now I don't mind. Who wouldn't want to spend a few extra minutes staring at Bun each week!

We're headed to our hospital tour this morning. I'll be sure to expound on everything I learn!


Ahhhhhhhh! I love the new pics!! Baby Bun -- I LOVE you and cannot wait to meet you! xoxo, Aunt Jenny
Anonymous said…
Looking forward to hearing all about you and Bun!

Anonymous said…
Beautiful pictures of your bun, You'll treasure this Pic for a life time....

Chronic Chick Talk
Caroline said…
I must say he/she certainly looks like John. So excited for Bun to make his/her grant entrance in to the world!
so so cute!!! baby bun has a buddy in oregon!!!

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