Test your Lupus Lingo skills

There are a ton of medical terms and vocabulary words associated with Lupus, many of which I didn't know before I was diagnosed. Try matching up the Lupus words at the top with the correct definitions at the bottom. Some words you might know or have read about in my blog. Others might require you to use your little gray cells!

1. Alopecia
2. Synovitis
3. Nephrology
4. Urticaria
5. Flare
6. Angioedema
7. Rheumatology
8. Malar
9. Auto-Immune
10. Pulmonology
11. Inflammation
12. Raynaud's Phenomenon
13. Immunosuppression
14. Pericarditis

a. Term that means active Lupus
b. Study of the respiratory system
c. Fingers turning colors in the cold
d. Butterfly rash
e. Loss of Hair
f. Lowering the body's immune response
g. Inflammation of heart lining
h. Anti-inflammatory medication
i. Swelling, typically around nose and lips
j. Hives
k. Study of the kidneys
l. Body's immune response against its own cells
m. Inflammation of joint membrane
n. In Latin, "set on fire"
o. Study of arthritic diseases

1-e; 2-m; 3-k; 4-j; 5-a; 6-i; 7-o; 8-d; 9-l; 10-b; 11-n; 12-c; 13-f; 14-g; 15-h

0-5 correct; Not too bad. There were some tricky ones in there.
6-10 correct; Way to go. You're well on your way to being able to talk the talk.
11 or more correct; Congratulations! You've practically mastered the Lupus language.

How did you do? Take a minute to let me know by clicking on the comment button below!


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