Speaking Engagements

"The 'Despite Lupus' workshop was brilliant - even lupus 'veterans' learned something. Many thanks to Sara for her time and enthusiasm." - Attendee

"I found the session really great. On the one hand, I felt quite emotional throughout it as the issues Sara touched on really resonated with me. I also felt empowered and motivated to make some positive changes." - Attendee

"I was very impressed with Sara's 'can do' attitude when faced with the difficulties she experiences daily. I am enjoying her book very much and in particular the section on how to deal with medical appointments." - Attendee 
Sara works with organizations around the world, delivering key notes, workshops, and break out sessions in an effort to empower patients to live well, despite their chronic illness.

Whether speaking at Annual symposiums or workshops for the Lupus Foundation of America, acting as featured speaker for workshops at reputable hospitals like Hospital for Special Surgery in New York or Ottawa Hospital in Canada, or teaming up with Lupus UK for a workshop in Cambridge or with Lupus Ottawa for their annual gala, Sara is committed to spreading her message, one of hope and inspiration, to the lupus community worldwide.

Sara has also spoken at organizations outside of the lupus community, such as the Military Council of Catholic Women, the Rheumatism Society of D.C., Bank-Fund Staff Federal Credit Union, and the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Short Client List:
  • Lupus Foundation of New England
  • Lupus Foundation of Pennsylvania
  • Lupus Foundation of America – D.C./Maryland/Virginia chapter
  • Lupus Foundation of America – Northern Virginia chapter
  • Lupus Foundation of America – Indianapolis Chapter
  • Lupus Ottawa - Annual Gala
  • Lupus UK – Cambridge, England
  • Hospital for Special Surgery, New York City
  • Ottawa Hospital, Ottawa, Canada
  • Military Catholic Conference of Women, Alexandria, Virginia
  • Multiple Sclerosis Society
  • Bank-Fund Staff Federal Credit Union
  • Rheumatism Society of D.C.
  • Booze Allen Hamilton  
Think Sara might be a good fit for your organization? Contact sara@despitelupus.com for more information and details.

“…To be able to explain a complex subject like chronic illness is a real gift.” - Attendee


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