Lupus and disability - pose your questions here!

Remember the fairly new addition to the Lupus Foundation's program line-up...the 15 Questions series? It's time for another round, and this time, the expert answering the questions is none other than Ms. Sheri Abrams, disability and benefits attorney right here in Fairfax County. I've had the pleasure of hearing her speak on a panel, and does she know her stuff!

Even if you're not considering disability at the current time, perhaps you have a question regarding your options, should you find yourself in a situation where your work is no longer compatible with your disease. Knowing when and how to proceed through the confusing world of filing for disability might take a load off your mind. I remember my sister (formerly in the insurance industry) poring over my company's insurance policy and outlining my options for disability, should my disease continue to impede my ability to work. Thankfully, I never had to file, but it sure did make me feel better to know what was in store if I did!

Click here to submit your questions, due by Thursday, September 30th. And for more information about Ms. Abrams or the 15 Question series, check out the Lupus Foundation's website.


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