Lupus dental and vision issues: submit your burning questions here.

I'm going to postpone my previous planned post (try saying that 10 times fast...) in order to fill you in on some goings-on at the Lupus Foundation. They've recently replaced their live web chats with a series called, "15 Questions With...", which allows little folks like us the opportunity to submit questions to the nation's leading experts in lupus, which are then answered and posted on the LFA website. Usually it's just one doctor specializing in one aspect of lupus, but the experts for this program? Two docs, instead of just one!

Dr. Mary Beth Rhomberg, Associate Director of the American Optometric Association and an Adjunct Assistant Professor at University of Missouri-Saint Louis College of Optometry, will answer questions related to how lupus can affect your eyes and vision.

Dr. Michaell A. Huber an Associate Professor and Oral Medicine Subject Expert, Department of Comprehensive Dentistry, the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, Dental School, San Antonio, Texas, will answer your questions related to oral and dental health and potential problems that can occur.

Questions must be submitted by Monday, August 9th (as do your entries for the CafeMom contest I mentioned on Wednesday), and you can submit your questions for the LFA here. To read more about the "15 Questions With..." seminars, or to catch up on past transcripts, click here. The answers to your questions, if selected, and others will be posted on the LFA website on August 23rd. Why not shoot over a question or two? It couldn't hurt! (Although actually going to the dentist usually does!)


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