The miracle that never loses its luster....

Allow me a moment to state the obvious - this so-called miracle of life is absolutely, positively, the most incredible thing that occurs in the world today. The fact that I'm, right now, cultivating a living, breathing, human being in the inner sanctums of my body is beyond me. I've mentioned before how active KitKat is - this baby is kicking, and elbowing, and tossing and turning like no other. And every time I feel the baby move inside me, I just think about the fact that it's not just me in the room...KitKat is very much alive and well...just within the confines of my very own body.

What's even crazier - is that come October 13th, or there abouts, KitKat is going to emerge with, ideally, 10 fingers, 10 toes, a perfectly formed little body with all the fixin's. And this happens day after day after day to women all over the world. Wow! I mean WOW!

I think my appreciation for this process has increased since I've seen Deirdre blossom into the sweet young thing she is. I remember just like it was yesterday when she emerged, finger, toes, and all, and to look at her now, as a walking, talking bundle of joy...well, it's just too much to comprehend sometimes. (And, no, I'm not burying my head in a box of kleenex right now. I've actually been a lot less emotional this pregnancy...but I guess there's still time, right?)

I got to thinking about this concept particularly because my friend from Ottawa, with three lupus pregnancies under her belt, put me at ease about all of my recent lupus activity. She said she, too, spilled protein all throughout her pregnancy...and she just figured that our kidneys are simply under a little extra strain during the 9 months we're carrying the baby.

And if you really think about what my body is trying to accomplish right now - putting all of the finishing touches on Kit Kat - you better believe my body is being taxed! So to Karen - thanks for speaking from experience, and to KitKat - here's to just 8 more weeks of fireworks. Once you're born, I'm sure your dad, sister and pug brother will appreciate hearing all about your time in the pen. At least I'll finally be able to share the wealth!


lupie said…
We are so so so so happy for you.
Can't wait to see KitKat out of the pen! :)
Sara Gorman said…
Thank you! Looking forward to motherhood two times over. If Kitkat is half as nice, cute, adorable, and loving as Deirdre - we'll have made out like champs.:)

thanks for stopping!

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