Pregnancy update - KitKat is kicking!

I'm happy to say that KitKat is doing well - kicking like crazy and looking good in every sonogram that we've had thus far. I can't believe how active this baby is! Johnny recalls only being able to feel Deirdre kick (in utero) every once in awhile - while KitKat puts on a show (literally - a visual show on the surface of my tummy) several times a day. At least I know that the big K is in there!

So while Kit Kat is doing well - the amniotic fluid levels look good and the PR intervals still look great (so no heart block) - some of my tests aren't looking too good. I've been spilling protein for several appointments now, and my rheumatologist recently ordered a 24-hour urine test to see if that is still the case. I've left regular urine samples at every two-week OB appointment, and did a follow up urine culture there at last week's appointment, but my rheumy wasn't satisfied with that. So it was back to the orange jug for me. (Stay tuned for Friday's post for more on the 24-U test!)

We don't have the complete results yet - but my blood work is also showing that my lupus is a little screwy. Uh-oh. Did I declare my screwdriver off limits a day too late? Good news is that I'm not feeling crummy at all - in fact, I'm feeling very good. But I've now been sentenced to add iron pills to my cocktail of drugs (because I'm anemic), my C3 is low (and my OB tells me it usually goes up during pregnancy, so that's even more of a concern), and my double stranded DNA is falling. (Is that the correct way to describe it???) All in all not total cause for alarm, but like I talked about in a post last week, it's important to consider all of these things collectively, as there may be something afoot.

As far as the iron goes, I always seem to be a little on the anemic side (even without a baby in my tummy), and I went on iron pills during my last pregnancy, so not much has changed there. Interestingly, my OB passed on writing a prescription for the iron, so I'm just going OTC this time. Sounds good to me!

As far as everything else, I'll continue my toolbox lock-down, increase my napping a bit, and we'll see what happens. I'm back to the OB's office this week for an extra, interim appointment to make sure things aren't getting too out of control, but my doctors just seem concerned at this point...not worried, so neither are we. And the good news, as my OB pointed out, at 5mg of prednisone every other day, I have a lot of leeway if I need to increase my dosage. We'll keep you posted - as you well know - there's never a dull moment in a life with lupus!


Sadaf Shaikh said…
OMG, Sara, you will NOT believe this!

Remember me... I'm the one who made the choice NOT to have any more kids. I chose to focus on my son, career, well-being, etc. To be honest, I've been skipping your pregnancy posts lately because I felt that I really didn't need to know about any of it.

Well, it appears life has other plans for me ONCE again. I found out yesterday that I'm almost 5 weeks pregnant!!! Just goes to show that despite all the plans one makes... you never really know. After the last 2 miscarriages, this time, I'm going to see a perinatologist who specializes in autoimmune disorders. My lupus has been under control for 10 months now but I'm still nervous as heck! I hope it's ok for me to pick your brain once I've wrapped my head around this whole thing.
Sara Gorman said…
Wow! What a change of events!! Congrats, of course, on your pregnancy - no matter how unexpected. It's great to hear that your disease has been in check for 10 months - some doctors recommend 6 months, but my doc and I prefer to be closer to a you're all set there! I'd say that's your best insurance for a healthy, uneventful lupus pregnancy. As you know (or may have gone back to find out!) - my pregnancies have been quite smooth...working closely with my doctors has been paramount, of course. And you won't be disappointed with the high risk doc, either. Great move on your part. I look forward to hearing more as you go along. Continue to take care of yourself - keeping you (and that little one)healthy are REALLY priority one, now!

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