Pat yourselves on the back - rounder uppers!

Being that my book sells for $19.95, I decided at my very first book signing (less than 24 hours after the books had been printed!) that instead of lugging around a bag of nickels for the rest of my life (what lupus patient needs that?), I would give cash-paying customers the opportunity to "round up" for lupus - paying with a twenty dollar bill and not getting any change back. And you know what? A ton of people took me up on it!

Thanks to you - my cash carrying customers - we were able to contribute close to $200 last year to the Lupus Foundation of America. That included a couple of events where a percentage of the proceeds went to the LFA, but those nickles really added up. I can assure you that the LFA was thrilled to receive the donation.

I haven't figured out a way to enable my website customers to "round up" yet - but I'll continue to work on it. It shouldn't be too tricky to add a "round up" option during checkout.
(Spoken like a true non-web designer, right? How do I know how tricky it is? I just put in requests to the web guys, cross my fingers, and hope they can make things happen!) Nonetheless, my fingers are crossed!


Lacey said…
Ack, don't cross your fingers! Sure to cause achy fingers!

Just kidding, congratulations, this is great!
Sara Gorman said…
Right! I'll shall guard my joints carefully! Thanks for stopping in.
lupie said…
Every little bit will grow into a big mountain!!!


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