Can your iPhone keep you healthy?

Apparently! Word on the street is that the iPhone has an application called Illness Tracker which allows you to record your symptoms, pain levels, medications taken, and doctor's appointments - kind of like yours truly created years ago in an Excel spreadsheet. (Okay - I know my chronic control chart doesn't even compare...but I thought I'd try.) There's also an application that keeps track of your medicines called MyMedSchedule Mobile. Check out the endless options here. Who knew!

Click here to check out Illness Tracker, and see below for some quick highlights:

Illness Tracker's Features:

Remembers your illness history so you don't have to!
Keep separate calendars for various people (great for keeping track of illness / health in your family)
Record notes as often as every day
Export data as email
Useful for doctor's appointments...
Consult with Illness Tracker to report dates of illness, fever, etc.
Password protection (go to settings to activate)

On each calendar day, you may record the following:
Custom notes
Pain scale (1-10)
Indicate that medication was taken
Fever and temperature (Now multiple times each day!)
Doctor's appointment
Indicate that you are sick

And a big fat thank you to my brother-in-law for turning me on to the new iPhone software. He keeps me current - because I am so...not.


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