New Bookseller and a Pillbag Retailer - Davis-Kidd Booksellers and Decorium Gift and Home

We've been busy at Gorman Headquarters - setting up new retailers for the both the book and Pillbags. I have several new stores with whom I'm working, and I'll highlight two this week and another two next week. Who knows? Maybe I'll have another pair by the following week!

First, the new bookseller: I'm pleased to announce that David-Kidd Booksellers at Laurelwood in Memphis, Tennessee has found shelf space for Despite Lupus. Davis-Kidd kindly opened their doors to The Lupus Endeavor video that we shot back in February. And subsequently, they were interested in carrying the book. Hooray!

 Here's a link to the video - scroll down to the third video for the one featuring the book signing at Davis-Kidd. Chris, the videographer, got some great shots of the store!

And I'm thrilled that the Pillbags have found a beautiful new home at one of my favorite stores in the whole world - Decorium Gift and Home in Old Town, Alexandria, VA. Jeff Albert, owner of Decorium, and David Chenault, lead interior designer, have truly embraced my Pillbag venture. They've featured the Pillbags in their weekly e-newsletter, and are spreading word of the Pillbags to clients everywhere. And the Pillbags are flying off the shelves! Hurry in to Decorium today to snap up one of the newest Pink Lady designs, or grab a classic navy Pillbag Bordeaux. And be sure to tell them I sent you!


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