The Lupus Endeavor - Meet Jessica Mathews!

Every once in awhile, you run across an impressive, talented young lady who completely restores your faith in the younger generation. I had the opportunity to meet such a young lady when I was in Memphis, TN in February. Jessica Mathews asked me to participate in a project for The Lupus Endeavor, a non-profit organization she created that's dedicated to raising awareness for Lupus, but most importantly, raising money for a cure. After learning a little bit more about Jessica, and understanding the inspiration behind the organization, I couldn't say no.

Jessica's mom, Kim, an equally lovely and impressive lady, was diagnosed with lupus in 2012. For nearly 5 years before she received a diagnosis, Kim went from one doctor to another, searching for answers, and coming up empty. Jessica saw the pain her mom experienced, the changes in lifestyle and emotion, and the struggle to find answers, and decided to do something about it. Thus, the idea for the Lupus Endeavor was born.

Sixteen-year-old Jessica has masterminded the entire project, creating a website filled with valuable content about the project, about lupus, and a fundraising page where 100% of your donation goes to lupus research. She features videos detailing personal stories from people with lupus, and I am honored to be one of those stories.

I invite you to take a look at her website, explore the photos, media, links, and blog posts she's included, and share her site, videos, and her project with everyone you can. And consider helping Jessica in her quest to raise awareness and funds for a cure. For her mom. For me. And for yourself.

I blogged a few weeks ago about the pertinent question Jessica asked me when I was being interviewed, "What would my life look like with a cure?", and I invite you, too, to consider the question. You have the opportunity to post your response here on her site. Let your voice be heard. Let awareness begin. Let a cure be found! 

(I know I was supposed to unveil the rest of the 2013 Spring line of Pillbags this week...but The Lupus Endeavor trumped my post. That's how remarkable Jessica and her endeavor truly are! Stay tuned for Monday's post - where I promise to reveal!)


Anonymous said…
Hi Sara, Thank you for sharing this information, what an Impressive young lady indeed! I look forward to following her blog. I also love your reading your blog and purchased one of your Pillbags a little over a week ago. I cannot say enough good things about the pillbag, I actually wrote a review on my blog if you would like to read it: Thanks for all that you do, I wish you and your business the best!
Jessmathews1 said…
Thank you so much, Mrs. Gorman!! So happy I got to meet you through this whole experience!
Sara Gorman said…
Thanks, dauntless dames, for the kind words! I'm so glad you like the pillbag - and I'll definitely check out your review. I can't thank you enough!
Sara Gorman said…
And Jess, it's MY pleasure!!!
Jordan said…
Wow, what a light in this dark week. I can't wait to see what Ms. Mathews does with the rest of her life, she's off to a great start. This story and her website brought happy tears to my face!
Sara Gorman said…
Thanks so much for reading, jordan! jess and her efforts are uplifting, aren't they? i guess we'd consider ourselves lucky if our girls grow up to have the determination that this lovely gal does!

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