Rhyming for the sake of the nap

We've had a terrible run of interruptions during our afternoon naps lately. First, it was the FedEx guy with his cursory knock to let us know we had a package (thanks for telling me, but "ugh!").  Next, we had the landscaping guys who were working next door inquire about trimming our trees (no thanks...we're just renting). Follow that with a couple of painters offering their services, and a random knocker I can't identify, and Bernadette, Darwin and I have been a bit starved for a good, solid nap. I know these guys mean well...but a nap is a nap. And it certainly ISN'T a nap if you're not sleeping!

As I was desperately trying to go back to sleep after having been awakened once again a few days ago, I found myself too frustrated to sleep. Instead, my mind wandered into "poet mode" as I contemplated ways to fend off visitors. Here are few of the slogans I came up with for my front door. It was actually a good diversion that put a smile on my face - which is often what you need in times of desperation, don't you think?

Feel free to cast your vote for your favorite one, or maybe you have your own little jingle to contribute. Have fun with it - it's my front door, after all!

Right now, our household is napping
So thanks for not banging or tapping.

In this house, we sleep from two to four o'clock
So during that time, we'd appreciate not hearing a knock.

Every afternoon from 2-4 we sleep.
We thank you in advance for not making a peep.

We're unable to come to the door,
As some of us are taking a rest.
Feel free to leave a card or note
But thanks for not bothering our nest.

We nap from 2-4
And we'd rather not be disturbed.
For if you wake us up
We're bound to be perturbed.


I vote for D! love you! xoxo
Sara Gorman said…
Thanks for play, aunt Jen!!!
Anonymous said…
I vote A or C!
Jordan said…
These are all so nice and cute! Maybe put them all and then let the potential sleep disturbers vote :)
Sara Gorman said…
Good idea! I had an unsuspecting knocker (another landscaper) just yesterday...he was lucky that he knocked at 2:14pm, and bernie and i were just heading to her room for her nap. I would have forced him to read my blog post if he'd come five minutes later!

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