Pillbag Charity of the Summer - The Lupus Endeavor

I'm happy to announce that the Pillbag "Charity of the Month" Program has taken on a new 3-month twist for the summer. Instead of just one month, during all three months of summer (June, July and August), 5% of every Pillbag sold will go to The Lupus Endeavor, whose fundraising efforts go directly to the Johns Hopkins Lupus Center in Baltimore, MD. They're making tremendous strides in research and the treatment of lupus. I've heard Dr. Michelle Petri, renowned lupologist, Director of the Hopkins Lupus Cohort, and Co-Director of the Hopkins Lupus Pregnancy Center, speak at many a Lupus event...and I'm positive she's keeping them on task! 

I'm thrilled to be teaming up with such a worthwhile organization, and it appears that Jessica Mathews, TLE's President and Founder is, too. Here's her blog post announcing the fundraiser - thanks for the kind words, Jessica!

I've just added a page on the Pillbag website detailing the lupus organizations that have benefited from the purchases you've made from Sara Gorman's Pillbags and Despite Lupus. Thousands of dollars have been donated thus far. Let's keep up the trend - why not choose to tote your pills in style while supporting the cause with a Pillbag today!


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