Double trouble: My new pillfold strategy

Since the moment I sewed my first Pillfold prototype, I've used some version of the bag to hold my daily medication. I've tried out all of the fabrics to make sure they wear well and look good, sampled the different iterations of plastics to ensure they have the right amount of give as well as protection, and confirmed that the size and design of the zipper pulls, the cord hook, and the pouches themselves are all up to snuff. I use my Pillfold on a daily basis (make that twice daily), and up until the last few months, I primarily used it because it was pretty, and because it kept me and my medications organized and on track.

But since this latest flare has taken root, complete with joint pain and swelling each morning, I've realized that I have to use my Pillfold.  The fact that my pills are already doled out into each day's plastic pouch was and is a lifesaver. At one point, my joint pain was so terrible, it wasn't possible to force open four prescription pharmacy pill bottles each morning to fish out my meds. It would have been too painful and very awkward; when my fingers are swollen and achy, they simply won't move the way I need or want them to! 

What's more, because every second counts when you're waiting for your medication to kick in, the time that I've saved because the pills are right there waiting for me is huge. I wake up when the girls wake up, so I have to hit the ground running. The sooner that prednisone is pumping through my blood, easing my inflammation and returning mobility to my aching joints, the sooner I can start my day, complete with pony tails, breakfasts, jacket zippers, etc.

So because I can't afford to wake up one morning, only to realize that I've forgotten to refill my pillfold after a week's worth of use, I've decided to start using two pillfolds. Genius, right?

(This was actually Johnny's idea...I guess great ideas are hatched when you've asked your spouse one too many times to open your prescription bottles in the wee hours of the morning!)

So now I fill two pillfolds at a time, each with a week's worth of medication. I still have to remember to refill both at the end of the two weeks, but I have to do it less often, and I have more time to remember to do it. It's been working wonders, and I haven't gone a day without a filled Pillfold in months.

So in honor of my new dual Pillfold strategy, I'm extending a discount to those of you who could also benefit from using two pillfolds at a time. Now through October 25th, take 10% off your purchase of one pillfold (for those of you who already have one at home), and 15% off your purchase of two pillfolds. Type in "DOUBLEONE" (for one Pillfold) or "DOUBLETWO" (for two Pillfolds) in the discount code during checkout to save.

And don't worry - if you want to buy one for yourself, and one as a gift, you should still take advantage of the savings. I'll never know!

I can thankfully say that my morning joint pain continues to get better, but there's no doubt that I still need those increased medications to get through each day. The meds are working - but I need them to continue doing so in order to get back to my normal dosages and my symptom-free state of being. A friend with lupus recently commiserated, saying that when you're healthy and symptom-free, it's easy to forget that lupus is still lurking. In fact, you fail to remember that your symptom inactivity is a product of a medicated remission, rather than a natural remission. How true that is.

I tend to forget this fact all too easily. As a result, I get a little cocky. And then I overdo. And then I find myself in a bit of a flare. And then I remember. Ugh.

Be sure to save a few bucks and stock up on your pillfolds today. Your fingers (and spouses) will thank you for it!


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