Lupus doctor appointments - three months and counting. Jinx no more!

About a year ago, I announced the fact that for the first time in my lupus tenure, I was able to go a full 3 months between appointments. It was a personal best, and I was thrilled to have reached the new benchmark. (That big break only lasted once, but it was still exciting.) The 3-month prospect had happened a few years before that, but a few days after I posted the blog about going 3 months between appointments, my doctor called, and revoked the 3 month hiatus. Bum deal! Turned out at that time, my protein levels, etc. were up, and so he ordered a 24-hour urine test, and asked me to come back after my test results came in. The three month gap was not meant to be – and I contently settled back into my 2 months-between-appointments routine.

Until now.

Just last week, my doctor suggested that once again, we give the 3-month gap a try. And I’m up for it!   I know to call if something comes up, but for now, I think seeing him in three months time will be a real treat. Of course, when I was making my appointment with the receptionist at the end of the appointment, I said, “Okay, three months – that must be like June or July, right?” Not quite. It only gets me to May. But that’s still an extra month off.

And if my doctor calls in three days to say that my blood work, UA sample, or the like are abnormal and need retesting, well, so be it. I’ll enjoy the gap while I can, and not worry about the power of the jinx.

At least I’ll try not to!


I hope the 3 months works for you! I am currently going every 3 months with as needed in betweens:) Its nice not to see a doctor.. or at least the same one every month!
Sara Gorman said…
Thanks for the encouragement! I hope to be an official member of the 3-month club soon. :)
Anonymous said…
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