PILLBAGS unveiled - Friday, Nov 11th in Alexandria!

When I was diagnosed with lupus almost 11 years ago, I realized three things very quickly:

One - whether I liked it or not, I had been initiated into the world of pharmaceuticals.
Two - I was going to be on a first-name basis with my pharmacist for a very, very long time.
Three - I needed to figure out a way to organize all of my medication, and it certainly wasn't going to be by using an ugly, plastic, sterile-looking pill box. (See exhibit A):

Nope - this young, energetic, fashionable gal wasn't going to succumb to "Big Blue". So I resisted, and resisted some more. But after missing a dose here and a dose there, struggling to renew my prescriptions on time, and flat out losing track of what pills I'd taken and when, I broke down and started using the box.

And I hated it. It made me feel old and decrepit, it never stayed closed, and it certainly didn't go with my bedroom decor. (And if they're not out where you can see them, forget about remembering to take them, right?)

So I decided to do something about it. Enter into the marketplace Sara Gorman's new line of PILLBAGS - fun, fashionable bags designed to carry medication. The bags are designed to bring a dose of style to your daily routine - featuring fresh, funky fabrics and cool, shiny hardware. Think sassy little handbag with a purpose. Like, a real purpose: making it easy and fun to take your medication so you stay healthy!

You'll no longer have to hide your pills when guests come over, and you won't struggle to figure out if you've taken your morning meds or not. The separate morning and evening clear compartments of the PILLFOLD make it easy to see your "pill" activity. Featuring 8 separate zippered compartments (7 days of the week, plus a "junk drawer" for extras), your daily medications will be right at your fingertips. And with easy to grip zipper pulls, a hook to hang the bag, and an easy magnetic closure, taking your pills will be a cinch. AND you'll look great doing it!

The second bag, the PILLPOUCH, makes traveling with your medicine bottles a breeze. Featuring 6  bands and a special-drawstring design, this cute little number is just the thing to keep your prescription bottles organized. Just throw it in your suitcase and go! No more pills spilling into the bottom of your purse, and no more little plastic baggies, as the PILLFOLD and PILLPOUCH are both safe, secure, and convenient. Goodbye plastic, hello style!

The PILLFOLD and PILLPOUCH will be available soon at www.saragorman.com. Look for a new website coming soon!

Can't wait for the website? Just have to check out the PILLBAGS now? If you're in the Washington D.C. metro area, stop by my first "show" - St. Aidan's Holiday Marketplace this Friday from 9-1pm, or again from 7-9pm. I'll be there with my book AND my bag samples. Hope to see you there!

Orders placed on Friday will be shipped before Christmas - order the perfect gift for that special someone now!

St. Aidan's Holiday Marketplace
8531 Riverside Dr.
Alexandria, VA 22308

Hours - 9am to 1pm, 7-9pm.
Cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express accepted.


Richey Job List said…
Sara...as you know I live in the neighborhood. i will try and stop by Friday night to order one. Is Friday night open to the public or is that a cocktail party event?

Sara Gorman said…
Patty - I'd love to see you there! The evening event is open to the public, so if that works for you, I'll definitely keep an eye out.

Thanks so much!
BD said…
I can't wait to see it, please send out a reminder when the website makes it's debut :) I'm so ready to retire my plastic dispo'ugly and I'm very intrigued now!

Sara Gorman said…
BD - I know how you feel. I was just SO over those plastic things! I'll keep you posted - shouldn't be too much longer now. I hope within a couple of weeks. Thanks!
Jan said…
Sara--I was just saying today how much I hate my plastic pill box. All of my pills were in the bottom of my purse! Can we order yet??


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