Want to pick out your Pillbag in person? Save the date - 4/13/2012!

Hope to see you at this upcoming spring fling. I'll be there, with books and pillbags in stock. And look - the fabulous organizers of the event even made time for my nap. Three cheers for a mid-afternoon break!

WHAT: Spring Marketplace - Shopping Extravaganza
WHEN: Friday, April 13th, 9-2pm, 4-7pm
WHERE: St. Aidan's Day School, 8531 Riverside Rd, Alexandria, VA  22308

Want me to put aside a bag for you? On Monday, I'll post pictures of each of the pillbags I'll have in stock by the 13th. If you see one you like, let me know. I'll put your name on it and you can pick it up then!


Emily H. said…
Yes! I want a bag. Not sure if I can make it out there cause its a work day but i'm gonna try.
Sara Gorman said…
I'd love to see you! Come if you can - if not, I'll save one for you. :)
Anonymous said…
Sara I sent you an email regarding your bags. I live in Atlanta but would still love to buy one for my girlfriend. Is that possible???

Sara Gorman said…
Markham - Glad we could process your order last night! The pillpouch is on its way to your girlfriend...how nice of you to order one for her!
Angela said…
I would like to order a black and white bag with the name Angela and Flying Butterflies.
Sara Gorman said…
Angela - I'm glad you like the Bordeaux pattern! Feel free to email me at sara@despitelupus.com, and I can get a bag to you. I look forward to hearing from you.

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