New baby on the house!

My "babies" in chronological order:

First came the pugs - Henry in 1999, then Darwin in 2002. Next came baby Deirdre in 2008, and then my book in 2009. Baby Bernadette followed soon after in 2010, and most recently, the concept of the Pillbags was born in 2011. 

And now, it's time to add another to the the form of a whole-house renovation. 

That's right - after 6 1/2 years of living in our un-updated 1965 home, it's time to make some changes. We've hired an architect, interviewed a slew of general contractors, and are embarking upon a project that may upset my life more than any of my previous babies combined. 

Nonetheless - I am thrilled to begin the process. And a process, it is. Because it's such a big endeavor, I need to make a few declarations: 

One - I promise not to turn this into a renovation blog. Oh, you'll hear plenty about the process, but only as it relates to lupus. Okay - who am I kidding? You're going to get all of the gory details...but just because it will keep me honest about how much time I'm spending on sites like!

Two - I promise not to let the stress of this renovation interfere with my current state of wellness. That is - "house stuff" (i.e. the desperate search to find the perfect kitchen counter top) must be done between the hours of 9am and 1pm, or again from 4pm to 9pm. Or maybe 9:30pm. Okay, 10pm at the latest. 

Three - I promise that the hours between 1 and 4pm will remain sacred, and will only be used for pre-nap or actual nap time. No surfing, no meetings with architects, contractors, or kitchen designers. No dashing off to a tile store or appliance center. Nap time shall remain nap time.

Four - I promise not to leave the cleaning out or packing up of all to-be renovated rooms and their contents until the last moment. I know it needs to be done by or about June 1st. I shall not wait until May 15th.  

So - there you have it. My proclamations for staying sane while we undergo this whole-house renovation. Let the process begin - I'm armed and ready to stay well! 

And just to whet your's an example of a kitchen look that I love!!!


Cheryl Vincent said…
I am so glad you are doing well and enjoying your life.
I lost my daughter to SLE in 2005, and it makes me happy to see others raising awareness about this often misunderstood illness.
Debs said…
First Sara, I have to say how much my husband & I have enjoyed your blog & your book since we found them a few short months ago.

About me: I've had lupus for 20 years. In our 37 years of marriage, we have done several remodels and 1 new home construction, since I was diagnosed.

About you & remodeling: Please, please be careful. Things, as you have seen with your pillbags, sometimes do not go as planned or get finish by our deadlines. In a remodel, so much is out of your control. As you may know, the fantastic outcome of having a beautiful kitchen, doesn't show the wear & tear on you & your family during the construction period. I'm sure others have warned you of the surprises you might find in a home which was built almost 50 years ago. Having a husband in the building business, did not prepare us for what happens when he would take the afternoon off to take me to a Dr's appt. A cement floor poured incorrectly, a shower head installed through the marble at a height I cannot reach to adjust, a counter top that is no longer available because I picked it out when I picked out the kitchen cabinet door & who would have guessed that the kitchen cabinets would take 6 months instead of 12 weeks to come in?

You may have figured all this into your plans already. I don't mean to sound negative. In fact, I enjoy your blog & your book because it is NOT negative. I'm sure it is my own anxiety that has me moved to caution you to stay healthy & don't let even the "good stress" of a remodel, affect your health.

I am so happy for you that you have accomplished so much & have figured out much that you can council us "oldies" about. Your perspectives, put in different words, have helped others understand the lupus patient better.

Thank you & God bless you.
Good luck on the upcoming renovation of your house, Sara. I'm sure it will turn out better than expected. You have already decided which design you are going for, right? Good luck and stay positive!
Sara Gorman said…
Cheryl - Thanks so much for commenting. You've done so much for lupus awareness already - I hope you know how moving (and motivating) your website is, and how much you and your family are in my thoughts. I'm sure Haley was a sweet, sweet thing. Take care and I look forward to hearing from you again!
Sara Gorman said…
Debs - Thanks so much for your comments, and I can't tell you how helpful it is to hear about your experience with lupus and a renovation. I've been warned before, but it's nice to be reminded from someone who really knows. Our construction date has already moved from what we thought was June/July 1st to October/November 1st - but we're taking it in stride. I'll continue to re-read your comment now and again...just to make sure I keep myself in check! Thanks so much...
Sara Gorman said…
Calvin - thanks for the comment! We're off and running with the to start making all of those pesky decisions. :)

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