Trading up skill sets, thanks to lupus.

For those of you on LinkedIn, I'm sure you've noticed the new Skills and Expertise section available on every profile. It was added about a year ago, but it seemed to take users a little while to start updating their profiles. I noticed a big rush of profile changes about 6 months ago, and now it seems that everyone's added a handful of assets or skills to their account.

As I perused the list of skills to potentially add to my own profile, I found myself thinking about how different 
my strengths are today, compared to 11 years ago, before lupus. Speaking not so much in regard to professional skills, here are a few things I thought would always describe me and my work ethic: 

*Works well under pressure
*Willing to finish the job, no matter how much time is required
*Steadfast and indomitable
*Demands perfection

These are things that came naturally to me - they were just part of who I was. But since lupus came to town, "who I am" has evolved. Sure, in some respects, I'm the same person - still striving for perfection, and attempting to remain unflappable in times of stress. But there are some changes that are unmistakable - I can no longer work like a dog, and I often have to settle for less than perfect, because I've run out of time, energy, or both. But for all of the skills and/or strengths that have gone by the wayside, here are a few of the things that I've been able to add to the list. While these don't come easily for me, since living with lupus, they've become a much more natural part of my personality: 


Of course, other things have contributed to the changes, but I'm proud to say that my chronic illness has brought out a calmer, more understanding side of my persona. Not saying that side is always front and center...but it's been a nice change. A change with which I'm perfectly content. 


Katie Rice said…
The Career Coach thinks this is fantastic! ;)

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