"More"...of Despite Lupus

Check out the latest Despite Lupus appearance...on More.com! I'm so pleased to have an an excerpt from my book included on the magazine's website. Both the site and the magazine offer a ton of valuable information, interesting articles, and great resources, even for those of us who aren't quite 40 yet (their official target audience.) Click here to read DL's spotlight!


Marilyn said…
Congrats! That is great! I read the bit and it makes me smile....your personality is just like mine. I still think I am still in denial. I keep telling myself that I can will this disease into hiding. That my children deserve the fun, outgoing, energetic mother they knew 5 years ago, before the birth of my last child. Then I have a flare like now and realize, there is no beating this THING, I just have to follow your advice and learn best to live WITH it and don't fight too hard. Thanks, your words are so inspiring!
Sara Gorman said…
Thanks so much! And your words are so true - we're not built to capitulate, so initially, we don't. But I can tell you - the energy I spent fighting the disease was much better spent working with it in the end.

Sorry you're in a flare, but I hope you're taking it as easy as you can during the holidays. Best wishes for a very healthy new year!
FuRy! said…
Very good article on Lupus


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