The book's in good hands

I had the honor of meeting a gentleman from Human Genome Sciences this past weekend at a lupus benefit, and he was none other than the doctor heading up the research for Benlysta, the latest (and most successful) lupus drug to date, making major headway along the path to FDA approval.

I was thrilled to introduce myself, and though I didn't want to take too much of his time, I thought it only appropriate to pass on a signed copy of my book to him. I'm sure he, more than anyone, understands and appreciates the importance of his endeavor, but should he need a little reminder, he can crack open that book, turn to any page where I describe the debilitating, life-altering effects of the disease, and know that what he is doing has the power to change lives. Lives of people just like you and me.

What a brush with fame. I had chills. In fact, I think I still do.


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