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I'm thinking of putting a new twist on my chronic control spreadsheet. I've mentioned the success I've had in the past of tracking, charting and listing the factors associated with my disease - symptoms, medications, doctor visits, etc - realizing very quickly the value of putting all of these things down on paper. Through my chart, I was able to create a visual picture of my illness - making conclusions that I might not have been able to make otherwise. But now that I'm pretty darn healthy, I no longer need to create a picture of my illness, but, rather, my wellness. So instead of listing my symptoms (which are practically non-existent right now - yippee!!) down one side of the page, I'll list things that can contribute to my wellness.

Here's a preliminary list of the items that would be on my daily to-do's in order to continue to live well:

--In bed by 11pm
--Exercise 15 min a day
--Eat more fruit than sweets (I am the original cookie monster)
--Start my nap before 3pm each day
--Get at least an hour and 30 minutes rest
--Spend less than an hour on the computer
--Check my email three times or less a day (just a thought, since I'm a bit of an addict when it comes to checking it. It may make me a little less frenetic throughout the day.)
--Walk with the family

I figure if I have this list of things to check off each day - items that I KNOW contribute to my good health and well being - I'll be more apt to do them. I'll keep you posted on how it goes. In the meantime, let me know what items would be on your wellness spreadsheet. I'd love to hear it!


Sara Gorman said…
Sure thing! I'll post it soon. Thanks.

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