Spread the word and act now!

The folks at the LFA asked me to pass this on. It will just take a minute, but it will make a huge difference! Just remember to make the call between 9am and 5pm. Thanks!

Lupus Foundation of America Needs Your Help!!

Urge Your Senators to Cosponsor S. 1630, the Affordable Access to Prescription Medications Act

Go to http://capwiz.com/lfa/home/

Click on the link "Urge Your Senators to Cosponsor S. 1630, the Affordable Access to Prescription Medications Act," enter your zip code in the box called “Call Now” and click on the “go” button.

You’ll then be presented with the contact information for your senators, as well as get talking points for what to say when you call. Please ask your family, friends and coworkers to call on your behalf as well.

Here's what the bill do:

*Establish a cap on prescription drug costs. The bill establishes a $200 cap on the amount a person would pay for any one prescription, and a $500 cap on the total amount an individual would be pay for all prescriptions in any given month. These caps apply to all public and private insurance coverage, including Medicare prescription drug plans.

*Create an exceptions process for specialty drugs. The most expensive prescription drugs in the Medicare prescription drug program are on specialty tiers and are eligible for beneficiary exemption requests. For all other Medicare-covered prescription drugs, a beneficiary can request an exemption to allow them access to needed drugs. High-cost, specialty drugs can be difficult to access, and this bill will allow any beneficiary to request any necessary prescription drug through the exemption process.

*Require MedPAC studies on discrimination and cost-sharing. The first study will review Medicare prescription drug polices (under Medicare Parts B, C, and D) to make sure they do not violate non-discrimination rules. The second study will examine the impact of prescription drug cost-sharing on beneficiaries and their health.


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