Lupus is...

Unpredictable, inhibiting, name just a few.

These are words taken from an awareness campaign from the organization "Lupus Is...", dedicated to increasing lupus education and awareness. Check out their site when you have the chance, and click on the pics to the right to see a few of their posters from their awareness campaign. Pretty great, huh?

Their tag line of "Lupus is..." reminded me of where the title of my book came from - which has pretty much become my mantra for living with lupus.

Despite lupus - I'm doing anything and everything I want. What does that really mean, you ask? Here's what it means to me:

Despite lupus, I'm living well.

Despite lupus, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl 10 months ago.

Despite lupus, I had a healthy, successful, uneventful pregnancy.

Despite lupus, I walked a marathon.

Despite lupus, I wrote a book.

Despite lupus, I can get down on my hands and knees and play with my daughter.

Despite lupus, I've traveled to over 35 countries (and taken an afternoon nap in practically every one of them!)

If I think of any more, I'll be sure to add them. Feel free to add your own in the comments!


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