Oh, my aching back!

Got back pain? Take this recent quiz from Vitality magazine to learn more!

While back pain doesn’t have to be a direct symptom of lupus, I know first-hand that spending countless days in bed can make the issue all too familiar. I remember consulting my doctor on severe back pain once, and was amazed that once I employed a trick or two that the nurse recommended (like turning on my side and swinging my legs out to get out of bed…), the pain in my lower back all but disappeared. Wish the pain in the rest of my joints could have been remedied so quickly!

1) How many doctor visits each year are because of back problems?
A - 5 million
B - 12 million
C - 20 million
D - 22 million

2) The spinal cord is an extension of what?
A - pelvis
B - legs
C - brain
D - arms

3) What happens when osteoarthritis occurs in the spine?
A - it damages the cartilage
B - it damages the joints in the spine
C - A and B
D - none of the above

4) What can be done to prevent back pain?
A - maintain a healthy weight
B - exercise regularly
C - lift objects while bending at the knee, not the waist
D - all of the above

5) One of the most common back injuries is a slipped, or herniated, disc. What does this mean?
A - a spinal disc has moved down the spine
B - a spinal disc has twisted
C - disc material has bulged into the spinal canal
D - none of the above

6) What causes a slipped disc?
A - a strain on the back
B - age
C - sudden twisting movement
D - all of the above

The answers (and a bit of an explanation) to come in Friday's post!


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