Choosing Well

Given the fact that Deirdre ate 4 times in less than 6 hours yesterday, I'd say she's going through a bit of a growth spurt. Funny how their little bodies just all of a sudden need more nourishment. And funny how Deirdre drops everything in order to make sure she gets what she needs.

Unlike me, she's not torn between doing what's right for her body and sticking to her agenda. It's not as though she thinks, "I'd like to have an extra helping of milk right now, but maybe I should do some tummy time instead." She knows what she needs and doesn't stop until she gets it.

Henry is the same way. He has his "I have to go poopy/potty" whine down pat...and he doesn't stop until he's outside, doing his business. I appreciate his insistence, though. Since he's lost his vision, we've had very few (if any) accidents in the house. Guess since he can't see exactly where he's headed, he's going to make sure we know what he needs and when he needs it.
So in honor of Deirdre and Henry, I'm going to work on listening to my body this week. The next time I know my body needs rest...but the laundry is stacked up or the dishes need to be put away...I'm going to choose to do what's best for my body first, and tackle my "to-do" list second.

And, in the meantime, maybe I can teach Darwin to fold laundry.


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