Opinion Overload

While I love my perinatology practice, I'm not used to consulting multiple doctors regarding my health condition (which is, currently, pregnancy!) My rheumatologist, Dr. S., and I pretty much single-handedly solve all of the problems of the world (in addition to those regarding my case of Lupus) without having to consult another physician. If we do, he does the contacting and consulting, and then just reports back to me with the information.

When you're pregnant, it's encouraged that you see all of the doctors in the practice throughout the 40 or so weeks you're with child (or in my case, with Bun). I understand the reasoning, but each time I go, I get a different version of what I should be doing and when. The differing opinions aren't outright conflicting, and I'm not particular alarmed each time I hear something new or different; rather, it's just that from one visit to the next, we never know what the "take" will be on my medication, inducement, delivery, etc.

For instance, it's debatable whether my two-week sonograms will go through 28, 30 or 32 weeks...depending on the doctor you talk to. No big concern - just funny to hear each doctor proclaim a slightly different scenario.

Another example: While it's been agreed upon that at 35 weeks, I'll be stopping Lovenox (the anticoagulant daily shot), it's questionable whether or not I'll start up heparin (another daily shot taken twice a day) through the end of the pregnancy. (Check out one of my recent blog entries for the gory details.)

It doesn't really matter to me, but...wait a minute, what am I saying? Of course it matters! I would love to be free and clear of these crazy needles, and the sooner the better, but I'm willing to do what needs to be done for Bun's sake. Guess we'll just have to see which doctor I happen to get at that 35 week appointment. Hope it's the right one!

Thankfully, each of the four doctors I see have great bedside manner, know what they're talking about, and make me feel like this is the most normal (and greatest) pregnancy in the world. I couldn't ask for anything more (except, I suppose, consensus.)

Enjoy the holiday weekend!


Anonymous said…
Hope all is doing well for you- have a flare free day


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