One thing's for sure...

As my pregnancy continues, I find that everyone wants to know whether or not I'm planning on getting an epidural once I go into labor. To that, all I can say is, "yes, yes, and yes!" I have every intention of taking full advantage of the medical advances that are available to me. I've seen my fair share of severe, debilitating pain, and know just how effective doctor-administered drugs can be. Why pass up the opportunity to see what kind of helpful concoction the doctors can come up with?

Four years ago, I had the privilege of being in the delivery room with my sister, Katie, when she gave birth to my niece Emma. Although feeling Bun kick inside my tummy is pretty cool, watching Emma emerge perfectly formed was the most amazing experience I've ever witnessed. Katie was a real champ about the whole thing, and while there wasn't too much screaming or gnashing of teeth, I could tell that once she had the epidural, things got a whole lot easier.

I, too, plan on making things as easy as possible; no doubt Bun is saying the same thing.


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