I've Got Mail

I went to open the mail yesterday, and there was a letter from my perinatal doctor's office. I figured it was a bill for one of the many outstanding balances (small, may they be) that my insurance company won't cover, but much to my surprise, it was a prescription refill for one of my medications that will be running out soon. How thoughtful! How considerate! How convenient!

If only every doctor's office was willing to monitor the expiration on my prescriptions. While I hadn't yet noticed that I'm almost out of that particular drug (I have been focused on other things lately - like this big alien growing in my tummy), I do have another sonogram scheduled before I run out. I'd like to claim that I would have realized my need for renewal before the appointment, made a note to myself to ask about renewing it, and then remembered to ask during the actual visit - but that's a lot of contingencies.

In reality, I probably would have forgotten. Then, I would have been forced to call in after my appointment, talked to the receptionist who would then relay my request to the doctor. Then I'd have to ask them to fax the prescription to my pharmacy, and then I'd have to follow up with the pharmacy to make sure they received it. And if they were like some of my other doctor's offices - there would have been a $25 fee for asking for a prescription outside of an appointment.

But I don't have to do any of that - because it arrived in the mail yesterday. Thank you, Perinatal Associates of Northern Virginia, for staying on top of my pregnancy. You made my day!


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