Watch "Standing Eight" on Amazon Prime Now! A great short film about Lupus. Kazy Tauginas does an incredible job as a newly diagnosed lupus patient!

Hey there. Stop what you're doing. I want you to run, not walk, to watch this short film about Lupus on Amazon Prime. 

The film, Standing Eight, stars Kazy Tauginas as a boxer who is forced to give up his career because of lupus. His depiction of a newly diagnosed lupus patient is fantastic, and he drew inspiration for the role from his mother, and her lifelong battle with lupus. 

It offers a SPECTACULAR glimpse at the emotions experienced and obstacles faced by a newly diagnosed patient. At just 27 minutes runtime, the film packs in so many aspects of a lupus diagnosis to which many of us can relate: not knowing anything about the disease upon diagnosis, thinking we can just make it go away, the mouth sores, the malar rash, the pain everywhere, joint pain in hands and wrists, issues with career, issues with denial, issues with acceptance, facing a lupus group for the first time, assuming we don't belong in said lupus group, finding it difficult to find meaning in what's left after you realize your life has been hijacked by lupus, etc. Really - an amazing job in such a short period of time. Just so proud to have this film circulating through the lupus community! 

Note that the short film is rated TV-14. My guess is primarily for language, so turn your volume down before viewing, if necessary. 

Early in the film, Kazy's character says, "I don't know. It just hurts. Everything hurts." And that's when I was hooked. 

Here's a link to the movie on Prime, and here's a great interview on Facebook with the Tauginas family, including his mom and dad. What a support they are to one another! 

Here's the trailer:  

Thanks to the Lupus Foundation of America for supporting the film, and continuing to spread awareness. 


Geri said…
thanks for the recommendation. def will be adding this on my watch list. i got emotional just watching the trailer cause it brought back so many memories when I was first diagnosed.
Sara Gorman said…
For me, too! I watched the film with my mom, and I just kept telling her how accurate it was as it went similar (and sneaky) the symptoms are at diagnosis, and the range of emotions you go through at the onset were all represented. It really is a job well done!

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