Target's Vulnerable Customer Hours. An unplanned visit, but a much appreciated accommodation!

 So this was a first. 

I stopped by Target on the way back from dropping off my girls at school earlier this week. It wasn't quite Target's opening time of 8am, so I waited in my car for a few minutes before going in. But then a small line began to form, so I decided to queue up. A few minutes before 8am, a store representative came out with a little sandwich board sign that basically said this: 

He announced that the store was closed, except to accommodate their more vulnerable guests, and asked those of us in line who did not fit in that category to please refrain from entering the store and to come back during regular working hours. Well! I didn't even know! 

I mean, I knew stores offered special hours for high risk folks, like lupus patients, but I hadn't taken advantage of them, because a) I'm simply not that organized to time my errands, and b) I don't mind going during normal business hours. That said, I realized that by the looks of it, it might have appeared that I didn't fit the profile of vulnerable and immuno-compromised. But do we ever? 

There I was, in my workout pants and tennis shoes, having just jogged from my parked car to the line, looking fit and sprightly. And as the store manager kept looking up and down the line, assessing how many of us really needed to be there, I was thankful that I had lupus. Not thankful. Just relieved. Because I didn't have to feel guilty about going in. Or taking advantage of the nearly-empty store. I fit the profile, and it was in my best interest to shop at that exact hour. One point for the lupus patient!  

So here's to Target and all the companies who have gone the extra mile to make accommodations for those of us who need it. While the other customers in line might have wondered if I belonged there, too, I learned long ago that judging from one's appearances or demeanor tells you nothing about what's really going on inside. In fact, let's all try to suspend judgement this weekend, and give the person next to you (albeit 6 ft away) the benefit of the doubt!  


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