Cambia TRAILS Challenge - Honored to serve as judge for Innovations in Health Care, specific to Palliative care!

This fall, I was honored to serve as a judge in the 2020 Cambia Grove TRAILS Challenge - a competition that provides promising startups in health care access to real-world testing and application for their products. The winner earns a 3-month professional collaboration and mentorship with Banister Advisors, LLC,  to gain a better understanding of how their product can be implemented to improve the health care system. As an entrepreneur myself, and someone circling the health care space on several fronts, this is very cool! 

This year's challenge: seeking solutions that improve the care of seriously ill people and their families. That is, products that could be essential for palliative care. What a treat to be part of innovation in health care, especially as it aligns so closely with my recent caregiving experience for my dad. 

Having walked alongside my dear old dad during his 9 month journey with terminal brain cancer (Glioblastoma) in 2018 to 2019, I had a clear picture of the impactful role palliative care can play. I witnessed first hand how difficult a terminal illness can be for both the patient and family. For us, integrating palliative care into the process was essential. We wanted to carefully consider what would make my dad most comfortable, while trying to meet his needs physically, spiritually and emotionally for the duration of his life. Thus, it was an honor to draw upon this monumental period of caregiving in order to judge this contest.

The competitors in this year's contest hit upon many aspects of life with serious illness that we experienced, and all entries would be wonderful additions to the tools and resources in the Palliative care space. 

Best of luck to those competing, and feel free to read more about the TRAILS Competition here. 


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