Day #21 Healthy Deed of the Day : Prioritizing Sleep

 Day #21 Healthy Deed of the Day : Prioritizing Sleep

I had a decision to make today. Both my girls play softball, and they had games at exactly the same time this afternoon - a 1pm start. Johnny is away, so I had to choose which game to attend. But how do you choose between kids??

All things being equal, I would have attended Deirdre's game. I've been able to see all of Bernie's games so far this season, but not Deirdre's. Because Johnny coaches Deirdre's team, when there's a conflict, I stick with Bernie. So it seemed logical to attend Deirdre's. 

But all things weren't equal. 

Deirdre's game was 30 min away, while Bernie's was 5 min. Deirdre's game also runs 2 hours, where Bernie's are just 90min. With a 1pm start, I am already cutting into my nap time. So being 30 min away after the close of a 2 hour game, having to drive home when I should really be napping -  that's definitely less than ideal. 

So while it was a tough call, I tried to make the smart call. I declared the shorter, more accessible game the winner. Deirdre understood, and jumped at the chance to go with a friend. I felt good about my decision, Bernie had a killer game, and naptime had never felt so good! 


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